About Us

Aareas Interactive Inc.

Since 1991, Aareas Interactive has been an industry leader by combining traditional sales and marketing techniques with innovative technology solutions. Designed to help the construction industry sell their projects faster, manage them better, and increase revenues while driving down expenses, our solutions have helped customers across North America sell billions of dollars in real estate while saving hundreds of millions in construction, sales and marketing costs. Our products and services focus on enhancing a customers’ purchase experience, which can directly influence purchase satisfaction resulting in greater referral and repeat sales business. By streamlining your operations, Aareas Interactive can help transform what are traditionally cost centers within your organization into profit centers.

Our range of products and services includes virtual home & condo tours, renderings, interactive kiosks, video, DVD/CD production, website design and development and the revolutionary web-based builder/developer CRM software: 247SalesCenter.


  • In our particular industry we do an awful lot of presale, and we do it without model suites. Aareas has really helped us in terms of how we market our product.

    Jim Ritchie Tridel Senior VP Sales & Marketing

  • The previous success of your company and your professionalism throughout the process convinces us that we should take the plunge.

    Mary Boorman Pinnacle Vice President Sale & Marketing

  • The virtual reality presentation is a very impressive sales tool and is invaluable when it comes to closing the deal.

    William Harkins President Bay Communities