Real Estate Apps



Aareas Sales Apps for Home Builders and Condo Developers are revolutionizing the new home marketplace. The line of apps produced for real estate, are built to run on the Apple iPad, iPhone, Android and web-based applications to run on larger interactive touchscreens. They can utilize heavily researched and skinnable templates, or have an entirely customized interface based on any Home Builder and Condo Developer’s needs.  The interactive real estate sales tools are the perfect way to showcase all sales & marketing content including: still images, site plans, builder’s story, neighborhood amenities, amenities, features and finishes, 3D spins, and videos.


The apps are built off of Aareas’ backend 247SalesCenter. This deep integration with the backend system allows a configurable floor plan search criteria, the ability to show real-time availability and pricing, and the ability for the Home Builder or Condo Developer to swap out content as needed (images, videos, etc.). The integration also ties into the 247SalesCenter’s real estate CRM allowing the apps to be used as full sales tool – Collection of prospect data right up to the generation of printable contracts and the ability to digitally sign contracts!

All apps are built with social in mind – Share floor plans from the app by email, Facebook or Twitter and other popular social networks. If real estate agents are doing a sales presentation using the tool, they can email favorites and selections to prospects for reviewing at home.



Choose Your App's Features!

Home/Splash Screen

This is the screen shown when the application is launched. This is the perfect area for Home Builders and Condo Developers to showcase their real estate marketing material and tie the iPad Sales App into their existing traditional print advertising.

Site Plan

The Site is integrated directly onto Google Maps allowing prospects to see exactly where their new home will be in relation to roads and local points of interest. It contains interactivity which shows what is available, where it’s available, and even real-time pricing. Interactive nodes can be placed on the site to show off all the other content the project may have.

Interactive Amenities

Home Builders and Condo Developers can show off the gorgeous amenity spaces in their projects. The apps overlay interactive nodes onto 2D colorized amenity plans, allowing users to click through and see stills, spins, or video.

Home Search

Using predefined real estate search criteria (including: sqft, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, view, floor and price), prospects can use the apps to search for their dream home. Home Builders and Condo Developers can use your existing floor plans and key plans (color/detailed or backlines). Similar to the amenities space, ISA overlays interactive nodes which can show off any still photos, spins or video related to each plan.

Features, Finishes & Virtual Design Center

Aareas Interactive’s Mobile Sales Apps take the things which make a real estate project unique and show them off visually. The Features & Finishes/VDC module places interactive nodes which highlight the special features of a home. The next level is full options selection and customization which can all be tracked, priced and stored to the backend 247SalesCenter for later contract generation.

Neighborhood & Lifestyle

Using Google Maps, the apps overlay interest points in the local area. Clicking the points will provide buyers more information and content associated to that point of interest. Real estate is location, location, location – Home Builders and Condo Developers can show off the wealth of local amenities and points of interest using the apps.


Using an intuitive and simple interface, the Interactive Mobile Sales Apps show off the projects views in a panoramic format. Using crane or helicopter shots will allow buyers to visualize their home before ground is broken.

Full Purchasing & Contract Generation

Aareas is bringing the ability to generate wizard-driven contracts. No mistakes ever again. Options, deposits, availability, and pricing are all automatically controlled. Home Builders and Condo Developers will soon be able to allow buyers to sign right on the device.