Responsive SEO Websites

CondoNow Responsive Website

CondoNow website built responsively. One website works across multiple devices.


Aareas Interactive’s websites are designed as fully functional, search-engine-optimized, content-managed solutions. They give builders, condo developers, and apartment developers complete control over their website using a robust infrastructure. Our sites can be built utilizing WordPress or your existing content management system. Using industry-standard CSS and web services, we can build plugins and modules connecting to our availability and contact databases. Aareas can give your company or project an entirely new, integrated site, quickly and inexpensively.


Responsive SEO Website Illustrating Multiple Models, a Robust Search Engine & Virtual Design Center. The project featured is Beaver Homes & Cottages by Home Hardware


Content Management for the websites is handled using our 24/7 SalesCenter, a web based Real Estate CRM application which can be accessed 24 hours a day from any computer or mobile device with an Internet connection. Some of the key benefits of Aareas’ CMS & SEO websites include: Home Builder & Condo developer specific design – Our CMS websites have been designed to be “builder ready”. This means that all our modules have been created keeping in mind the needs of builders and multifamily developers meaning no customizations are needed to make them work for your industry as you might with other packages.


Fast Builder Websites Implementation

Setup a new community in hours rather than days. This translates to low costs and consistency across all your communities. This rapid setup is possible because of the integration with the home builder software. Everyone is already maintaining, prices, inventory, plans, and content, we have provided a centralized place to store and manage all your information and your website is automatically updated. In other words, you enter the data once and your entire organization is updated including your website.

Inexpensive SEO Websites

Utilizing our template and framework allows a builder, condo developer, or multifamily developer of any size have rich and accurate websites that are SEO ready for a tenth of the cost if you were to build the equivalent site from scratch. Our project managers will work with you to analyze and ensure your site is optimized for search engines such as Google.

Skinning to match your look and feel

Our home builder website templates can be customized to match your corporate or project branding and more. This makes launching a new website very quick and cost effective. Cross-browser compatibility – All of our websites are designed to work in a variety of web browsers including Internet Explorer, FireFox , Safari, and Chrome to ensure they look the way they were intended to.

Analytics and reporting

Knowledge is king! Using our CMS website solutions you can integrate analytics solutions such as Google Analytics allowing you to track information about your websites visitors, from length of visit to location, keywords, page popularity and more, you can now access all the details you need to make critical business decisions regarding your web presence.