Virtual Décor Center

Our Virtual Décor Center allows your clients to make interior and exterior color & material selections and see the results visually. We all know paint chips and swatches don’t tell the whole story. Using our system your clients can see the materials in or on their actual home. Virtual Décor allows better decision making which leads to a better customer experience. It also helps you sell more options and upgrades.

We have clients using our Virtual Décor Center for end to end options management, or for simple lead generation. The solution is highly flexible and will be customized to your needs.

Our latest Virtual Décor Center technology (still experimental) uses 3D gaming technology to allow free roaming while customizing. As well as infinite material and color combinations.



If you have any questions or want more info on how you can integrate Aareas’ Virtual Décor Center into your business, call us! 416.661.2244 or email us at for more info.


  • The previous success of your company and your professionalism throughout the process convinces us that we should take the plunge.

    Mary Boorman Pinnacle Vice President Sale & Marketing

  • The virtual reality presentation is a very impressive sales tool and is invaluable when it comes to closing the deal.

    William Harkins President Bay Communities

  • In our particular industry we do an awful lot of presale, and we do it without model suites. Aareas has really helped us in terms of how we market our product.

    Jim Ritchie Tridel Senior VP Sales & Marketing