Bathroom Visualizers & Configurators

A unique and customizable bathroom visualizer that lets your website visitors build their dream bath online. Once embedded on your website, this bathroom visualizer helps your prospective buyers envision their dream bath, which will help you faster convert site visitors into customers.

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The Ultimate Online Design Center for Your Website

Aareas Bathroom Visualizers and Configurators provide an easy way for product manufacturers and designers to easily build, market and visualize bathroom layouts and designs. Easily accessible online, customers can now quickly personalize and visualize their favourite bathroom fixtures, finishes and even complete purchase orders in showrooms or online!

  • Visualizers and Configurators are fun, accessible and comfortable

  • Provide effective and targeted customer service and thus represent a competitive advantage

  • Save time and money with mass customization

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Design, Play, Visualize Selections

One of the most important aspects of an interactive visualizer/configurator is that it’s all visual. Often times, words are not enough to describe the value of a product, and a product configurator solves this problem easily.

Streamline Thousands of Options

Steamline hundreds of bathroom cabinets, tiles fixtures, and more! Using this simple 3D interactive interface your customers can experiment with different finishes, and save their favorite design options to review and compare.

Auto-Generate Pricing & Orders

Take your Kitchen Visuzliaer to the next level and prevent design mistakes and added costs with visualization and smart configurator technology. Intelligently allow users to only select compatible options and visualize billions of products and color combinations.

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Bathroom Visualizer Features & Benefits

Apart from being an innovative solution that underlines a business’s tech-savviness and customer-centric approach, bathroom visualizers and configurators have become a strategic solution that has measurable Key Performance Indicators.Product configurators have a fast payback period because it tackles the most considerable issues with e-commerce sales including communication, amount of content, and product interactivity.

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) integration
  • Point of Sale (POS) connection (in case of an existing local store)
  • Real-time product customization
  • In-built order and billing system
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Build solutions that fit your needs

Choose from our variety of customizable home configurators and home visualizers to meet your specific sales and marketing goals.

VDC Play

Play and make design changes online in a 2D or 3D.

  • Available in 2D and 3D

  • Track & list Selection Details

  • Load and Save Previous Selections

  • Share Selections via Email or Social Media

  • Print Selections and Product Descriptions

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VDC Packages

Sell packaged upgrades and colour selections online.

  • Available in 2D and 3D

  • Available from any device

  • Online Purchase & Contract Completion

  • Generate Essential Reports and Work Orders Faster and Easier

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Make selections, show pricing and make payments online.

  • Available in 2D and 3D

  • Integreated with Smart Configurator Technology – ensures only compatible options are selected

  • Calculate real-time prices, deposits and even their mortgage impacts

  • Auto-saving Features

  • Generate Essential Reports and Work Orders Faster and Easier

  • Online Purchase & Contract Completion

  • Online Design Appointment Booking & Scheduling

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VDC Virtual Reality

Enable user touch controls and make design changes in VR. 

  • Available in a 3D VR Enviornment

  • Enable User Touch Controls that Help Home uyers Redesign Any Space

  • Photo-Realistic Walk-throughs that are Comparable to Physical Model Homes

  • Move Around and Envision Feature

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Learn More About Our Award-Winning Online Home Configurators and Visualizers

The award-winning process was built from the ground up to better influence customer experiences and present buyers with choice and control. Ultimately, removing the ambiguity standing between buyers and their vision of their dream home.

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