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Home Designer

For Builders, Developers, Sales Agents & Designers

Aareas Home Designer is the best way to organize and streamline your options selection process. Home Designer allows buyers to design their homes, and make personal house design modifications to a homes exterior and interior spaces. Housed in the same central home builder CRM and sales app database, Home Designer gives you real-time access to all purchase information necessary to organize and schedule your design appointments.

Want to augment your options selection process and cut down on administration? Only offering colour packages? Not building a design centre? Lots of buyers overseas?

Give your buyers the ability to select their options or colour package from the comfort of their own device, anywhere in the world.

Design Your Dream Home, Finish It Your Way

Home Designer Comes in 4 Different Configurations to Meet Your Specific Needs:

Home Designer

Want to make prospective buyers fall in love with your homes? Give them the ability to design their dream home before purchase! Aareas Home Designer Lite gives you everything you need to embed the option into your website, sales centre touch screen or marketing app. Explore a full 3D environment that works on any modern device.

Home Designer
Email Edition

The emails are sent out from Aareas FINISH on behalf of the builder/developer. Buyers are sent to a portal outlining the available options, finishes and/or colour packages. Buyers select their choices and personally design and customize their home. Aareas FINISH portal is able to accept credit card payments using Paypal integration through an add-on module. A confirmation email is sent to both the purchaser and the builder/developer. Reports and Work Orders can also be generated.

Home Designer
3D Plus

Home Designer Plus gives prospective buyers their own portal which is embeddable into any builder or developer website. With a full sign-up/login process connected to both Google and Facebook, Aareas’ Home Designer Plus tracks all selections before, during and post purchase. Buyers can see starting prices to gauge their selections and build their dream space. Use the data to target buyers with specific upgrades and maximize profits in your design centre.

Home Designer
3D Premium

Home Designer Premium gives buyers their own portal to do the full selection process. Designers are provided with an app allowing them to easily scan samples from the design centre into a 3D environment. Generate agreements and Work Orders right from your Aareas CRM Home Builder database. This is the most advanced tool we offer and there’s no doubt it helps create the best, most memorable buying experience possible.