Interactive Touchscreens

For Builders, Developers, Sales Agents & Real Estate Purchasers

Aareas Interactive Touchscreens bring your sales centre environment to life. Utilizing the very best in software and hardware technology, our Interactive Touchscreens give your sales team the power of memorable, immersive sales presentations. 

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interactive touchscreens for real estate sales centers

Real-time inventory, pricing and architectural control rules

Improve you customer experiences and sales team efficiency by incorparting Interactive Touchscreens for Real Estate into your Sales / Design Centers.  

  • Check/ Update pricing and availability in real-time

  • Generate agreements of purchase and sale directly on the device of choice

  • Navigate through the developments neighbourhood, interior and exterior spaces in 3D

  • Incorporate customized searches, for buyers to find and compare available models

  • Utilize 3D gaming technology for user-friendly touch controls and realistic 3D enviornments

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The Ultimate Sales Center Presentation

Simple to use navigation and intuitive touch gestures allow any user to walk up and start exploring. Aareas Interactive Touchscreens truly incorporate our complete package of great content into one beautiful, cohesive sales presentation system.

3D Interactive Touchscreen App for Condo Developers / Multi-family Builders

Interactive Touchscreen Sales App for Single Family Developers

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Interactive Site Features

Aareas Digital Touchscreens and Kiosks solutions create epic customer experiences with customizable user interfaces that displays realistic marketing visuals from interactive 3D environments, renderings and architectural video animations.

Site Plan

Navigate the Entire Site In 3D

Walk-though and explore high-quality 3D models of a home or condos interiors and exterior spaces.

Home/Floor Plan Search

Easily Search, Find and Compare

View a full catalogue of all available plans/models, personalized to users search criteria including number of bedrooms, bathrooms, size, budget etc.


Explore Neighbourhoods in 3D

Navigate through the site’s neighbourhood and lifestyle using stylized 2D or 3D interactive maps. Display local points-of-interest including shopping, restaurants and more.

Amenity Spaces

Explore the Neighbourhood 

Experience building or neighbourhood amenities using Aareas’ through integration of 2D plans, 3D video animation, spins or HD renderings.

Availability & Pricing

Access To Real-time Inventory And Pricing

Each touchscreen kiosk is connected to Aareas POS CRM, Sales & Inventory to ensure updates / access to real-time inventory and pricing.

About the Builder

Set Your Homes Apart From The Competition

Include any marketing material, images, or video and share your brand’s story, objectives and accomplishments.

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