VDC Play

People Don’t Know What They Want Until You Show it to Them

Home design software is the latest tech shift in the real estate industry that is transforming how builders and developers further home customization and streamline their products. With VDC Play home buyers are granted full control as they interactively make home design changes online in a 2D or 3D environment.

3 ways you can use VDC Play to sell more upgrades:

Acting as a multi-channel online virtual home visualizer, VDC Play removes any ambiguity standing between buyers and their vision of their dream home, helping you sell more upgrades and create happier customers.

  1. Improves your website’s design studio process
  2. Improves sales and design team presentations
  3. Improves your presence on social media and other online channels
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Customizable Features

Designed to Wow Your Buyers

Visualize Homes in 2D & 3D

Buyers can explore a full 2D or 3D environment that works on any modern device, to help them better imagine their dream space and potentially purchase more upgrades.

Make Custom Changes Online

Buyers can take control of their destiny anywhere, anytime without having to meet with a design consultant or visit a design studio location.

Save & Share Selections

After selections have been made, purchasers can save their favourite selections and share it by email or on social media.

Reports & Analytics

When buyers save their selections, builders can track, access, and review important reports and analytics.

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