Home Builder Software


Built from the ground up as a web-based home builder software solution, the 24/7 SalesCenter CRM has been designed specifically to manage the entire life cycle of the home buying process. Handling lead/prospect management, agreement and contract creation, email marketing campaigns, and options selection management; the 24/7SalesCenter allows you to streamline the business process, saving you money and increasing productivity and customer satisfaction levels.


Contact Management
The 24/7 SalesCenter CRM’s contact management module includes all the standard features that one would expect their home builder and CRM software’s to contain. Being designed specifically as a real estate CRM software for home builders and condo developers, the 24/7 SalesCenter also features key functions and terminology focused around your industry. You can now manage all of your contacts including vendors, brokers, clients and prospects from a single database, manage email and snail mail campaigns and administer surveys which provide you with important details about buyer habits and so much more – All accessible from any internet-connected device. Anytime. Anywhere.

Purchase Management
Maintain complete control over your inventory from every angle! The purchase management module found in the 24/7 SalesCenter home builder CRM software allows you to control and track every facet of the home/condo purchase process. Automate documents and maintain records on individual purchases. Access robust sales/purchase reporting and real time lot/unit availability. Using the 24/7 SalesCenter’s purchase management module you can reduce errors, increase productivity and ensure that all parties have the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Options Management
For home and condo buyers, the options selection process is probably the most cumbersome part of the purchase cycle. For builders and developers, managing the upgrades and options available requires the lots of internal resources and difficult tracking . This was the main reason and the focus behind the development of 24/7 SalesCenter home builder software’s options management module and Virtual Design Center (VDC). Using the options management module you can now allow buyers to select their options visually, allowing them to experiment with an infinite number of design and option configurations on their own time thanks to its web based design. Make your design center more profitable while reducing the administrative burden design center consultants typically face as a result of the traditional design consultation process. The Virtual Design Center is a great way of easily converting a difficult task into a fun and much simpler exercise for both buyers and builders.

Pre-Delivery Inspection
Our native iPad app allows pre-delivery inspections to be carried out easily. Simply install the app from the Apple App Store. Please note that this is only available to subscribers of the 24/7 SalesCenter. The app connects to your existing Options Management software, or can be used as a stand-alone. Deficiencies are captured with the device’s camera and images are automatically appended to work orders.

Professional Services
The success of any CRM implementation rests in the pre and post sales services provided. Aareas Interactive has taken a best practice approach to these services to ensure your 24/7 SalesCenter real estate CRM provides you with maximum use in a quick and effective manner. Our methodology starts with the assignment of a dedicated project manager, acting as your single point of contact for implementation, training and other questions about the application. By working together with your team, your project manager will devise a strategy incorporating implementation, customizations and training to maximize the effectiveness of the 24/7 SalesCenter while ensuring that your users have an understanding of the application and its capabilities.

Security & Infrastructure

Data Redundancy

– Real time SQL mirroring & failover
– Nightly database backups
– Real time IIS & server failover
– Real time data mirroring
– Real time multiple file backups
– Server Redundancy

Redundant parts, dual power supplies, processors & NIC cards

– Servers feature RAID 5 architecture
– Redundant switches and firewalls
– 24/7 Firewall & Application Monitoring
– 2 hour hardware Service Level Agreement


All of this infrastructure is connected by ultra-fast dual 100Mbit internet connections supplied by 59 independent tier 1 and regional internet providers to ensure 99.9% uptime.

  • In our particular industry we do an awful lot of presale, and we do it without model suites. Aareas has really helped us in terms of how we market our product.

    Jim Ritchie Tridel Senior VP Sales & Marketing

  • The previous success of your company and your professionalism throughout the process convinces us that we should take the plunge.

    Mary Boorman Pinnacle Vice President Sale & Marketing

  • The virtual reality presentation is a very impressive sales tool and is invaluable when it comes to closing the deal.

    William Harkins President Bay Communities