Interior Visualizers & Configurators

Make Interior Planning & Design Fun

It takes a lot of time and effort to do interior design, whether it’s professionally or as a DIY job. And it’s even more difficult to communicate your ideas with everyone involved as accurately as possible. Luckily, the interior visualizer will help with that.

  • Help your customer envision the products in the context before they commit

  • Communicate accurately how your products impact interior designs

  • Impress your customer and sell more of your products

Features of Interior Visualizer & Configurators

With interior visualizers tool, customers can easily preview their favorite paint, flooring and furniture selection. The result is instant with real-time visualization technology. With online cart integration, customer can purchase the product directly online without going to the store or design center.

Popular Interior Visualizer Categories

Paint Color

“Try on” different paint colors for any room and take the guess work out of finding the right color for your customers’ dream home


Virtually install new flooring for any rooms with different product options, so your customers can see exactly what they will get

Applicants & Furniture

Feature various home applicants (dishwasher, fridge, etc.)  and furniture (dinning table, sofa, etc.) to fit in with the life styles your customers are looking for