Solutions for Real Estate Companies

Conduct Memorable Sales Presentations and Close deals on the Spot

The sales solutions designed for real estate companies who are looking to create epic home-buying experiences, track the entire home-buying process, sell homes anytime and anywhere, reduce daunting administrative tasks and inquire delays, and most importantly, make the emotional connection with buyers.

It’s inevitable that your potential buyers are going to have a fair number of questions during your sales presentations. The good news is every question is a chance for you to show your expertise and build trust. Aareas solutions for real estate companies prepare you for any sales presentations with all the information in hand, so you can impress your buyers and close the deals.

  • Provide greater transparency to potential customers
  • Achieve higher customers satisfactions rate

  • Improve team productivity and enhance internal training

  • Expand market to out-of-town buyers and foreign investors

Why Real Estate Companies Choose Us

Online Home Sales Innovator

With our cutting-edge online homes sales system, you can automate your home sales with out-of-town purchasers and foreign investors, presenting your project to as many buyers as possible while assuring top dollar sales.
online home sales
online home sales
online home sales
growing roi
growing roi
growing roi

Excellent ROI

Since 1991, our solutions have helped our clients sell more than 10 billion dollars’ worth of real estate, and our Virtual Décor Center (VDC) options selection tool has assisted several clients in exceeding their initial sales expectations by 300% for new options upgrades.

Products and Services

Sales Center Touchscreens

Create memorable sales presentations

Intuitive touch gestures allow any users to walk up and start exploring or presenting.

POS, CRM, Sales & Inventory

Close home sales on the spot

Real estate offices can sell new home online & offline with real-time information synced among different devices.

Virtual Scale Model

Present all the necessary information

Wow your customers by showing buildings and sites in 3D and presenting real-time inventory for decision-making.

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