Interactive Kiosks

Generate Maximum Customer Satisfaction with a Shopping Experience
Controlled by Buyers

Interactive Kiosk is a multimedia platform that contains 2D and 3D rich media designed for immersive presentations on large touch screen monitors at your sales center or online on any device. The Kiosk can integrate with the Virtual Site Plan (VSP) or Virtual Scale Model (VSM), advanced floorplan search with floorplan comparisons, galleries of 2D and 3D content, videos, the builders’ story and more.

Empower Your Sales Team Online & Offline

Interactive Kiosk is a fully 3D app designed to run at your sales center, on a tablet or on your website.

Aareas Interactive Touchscreen Kiosks bring your sales center environment to life and give your sales team the power of memorable, immersive sales presentations.

Interactive Kiosks for Different Industries


Whether you are a tract builder or custom home builder, you can benefit from implementing the interactive kiosks at your sales center and on your website. Customers can take a look at the community at large. With built-in architectural control rules, your sales team can tell the customers right away whether they can have their dream home built on the lot. For more information, check out solutions for builders.

Marketing Agencies

How can you make your client’s real estate website stand out from the competitions? What if you can turn your client’s website into a lead generation or even conversion machine? Digital Kiosks will assist you to fuel your client’s website and even allow buyers to complete the whole home buying process online. For more information, check out solutions for marketing agencies.

Real Estate Companies

With the help of interactive touchscreen kiosk, you can capture every opportunity to close the deal. Potential buyers can control their own shopping experience by browsing around and talk to a sale reprehensive when they are ready. For more information, check out solutions for real estate company.

The Ultimate Sales Center Presentation

Simple to use navigation and intuitive touch gestures allow any user to walk up and start exploring. Aareas Interactive Touchscreens truly incorporate your complete package of great content into one beautiful, cohesive sales presentation system.

For Condo Developers / Multi-family Builders

For Single Family Developers / Builders

What’s Included: Core Features

Site Plan

Walk-though and explore high-quality 3D models of a home or condos interiors and exterior spaces

Floor Plan

Easily search, find and compare all available plans/models with various criteria, such as number of bedrooms, size, budget, etc


Experience building amenities using integration of 2D plans, 3D video animation, spins or HD renderings


Navigate through the site’s neighborhood in 2D or 3D interactive maps displaying local points-of-interest

Availability & Pricing

Access to real-time inventory and pricing information with database connections and close the deal on the spot

About the Builder

Include any marketing material, images, or video and share your brand’s story, objectives and accomplishments

Architectural Rules

Set up full architectural control & sitting rules in advance to reduce development risks and shorten turnaround time

Touch Control

Utilize gaming-engine technology for user-friendly touch controls and realistic 3D environments

POS Integration

Generate agreements of purchase, enable digital signature and sell directly on the device of choice