Solutions for Marketing Agencies

Create Realistic Expectations and Generate More Qualified Leads

The customizable real estate sales & marketing tools and services for marketing agencies who are looking to attract an audience to their clients’ pre-construction projects through high-quality visual messaging, strengthen brand loyalty, and ultimately increase sales with Aareas proptech software.

Industry experience is an advantage when it comes to real estate marketing for pre-construction projects. Plus, industry-specific marketing tools can enhance the efficacy of marketing efforts for your client’s business. We have created world-class proptech software and best practices to help you deliver breakthrough marketing results to your clients in residential real estate industry.

  • Create a full online sales center experience on clients’ websites

  • Discover valuable customer insights and generate more leads

  • Expand market to out-of-town buyers and foreign investors

  • Reduce or even eliminate costs for scale model at sales centers

Why Marketing Agencies Choose Us

Industry Expertise

For the past 30 years, we have worked with many major advertising agencies all over North America to maximize results for their clients in real estate industry.
real estate industry experts working
real estate industry experts working
real estate industry experts working
high quality apartment building rendering
high quality apartment building rendering
high quality apartment building rendering

High-quality Visual Content

With a keen eye for the finer details, Aareas produces visual content of the best quality possible, ensuring to impress your clients. Every rendering, animated tour and Virtual Scale Model are created by a team of professionals with decades animation and modelling expertise.

Products and Services

Architectural Renderings

Attract a larger audience with eye-catching marketing material

With photorealistic renderings, marketers can start to promote the new home across the web and offline even before it’s built.

Virtual Scale Model

Make your audience fall in love with the lifestyle

Accessible from any devices, marketers and sales team can present the local planning from anywhere.

Home Builder Websites

Build websites with the high-conversion lead generation potential

Website visitors can search, compare and buy home with hassle-free home-shopping experience.

Sales Center Touchscreens

Create immersive sales presentations

Intuitive touch gestures allow any user to walk up and start exploring or presenting.

3D Visualizer

Keep website visitors engaged and entertained

Marketer can help target audience visualize their dream home and connect with them emotionally.

Building a customized solution for your client?