Home Configurators and Visualizers for Real Estate

Home configurators and visualizers are the latest tech shift in real estate that is transforming how industry sells more upgrades and streamlines their products. Aareas Virtual Design Center solutions offer a line of four customizable home design visualizers and configurators to help simplify the home buying process.

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Virtual Design Center is Available in 4 Different Configurations to Meet Your Specific Needs:

Choose from our variety of customizable home configurators and home visualizers to meet your specific sales and marketing goals.

VDC Play

Play and make home design changes online in a 2D or 3D.

  • Available in 2D and 3D

  • Track & list Selection Details

  • Load and Save Previous Selections

  • Share Selections via Email or Social Media

  • Print Selections and Product Descriptions

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VDC Packages

Sell packaged upgrades and colour selections online.

  • Available in 2D and 3D

  • Available from any device

  • Online Purchase & Contract Completion

  • Generate Essential Reports and Work Orders Faster and Easier

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Make selections, show pricing and make payments online.

  • Available in 2D and 3D

  • Integreated with Smart Configurator Technology – ensures only compatible options are selected

  • Calculate real-time prices, deposits and even their mortgage impacts

  • Auto-saving Features

  • Generate Essential Reports and Work Orders Faster and Easier

  • Online Purchase & Contract Completion

  • Online Design Appointment Booking & Scheduling

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VDC Virtual Reality

Enable user touch controls and make design changes in VR. 

  • Available in a 3D VR Enviornment

  • Enable User Touch Controls that Help Home uyers Redesign Any Space

  • Photo-Realistic Walk-throughs that are Comparable to Physical Model Homes

  • Move Around and Envision Feature

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Increase sales and profits

  • Online personalization adds value to your website and marketing campaigns
  • Online personalization can increase sales by an average of 20%
  • Personalized web experience have 42% higher CTRs
  • Online personalization has 5 to 8x the ROI on marketing spend
  • Increasing session durations on your website improves your SEO

Enhance your team’s performance

  • Allow 70% to 90% of your buyers to select their home upgrades online

  • Easily streamline all your option selections
  • Generates important buying analytics based on buyers saved selections
  • Spend less time training new talent
  • Minimize design mistakes

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Available for any room throughout a home, Aareas VDC home configurator technology has turned heads throughout the industry! Recgonzied multiple times for its award-winning solutions in real estate sales and marketing by reinventing the finishes & upgrades journey.

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