Condo Worksheet Software

Generate & Manage Demand for New Condos

The worksheet system is designed to make the sales of pre-construction condos as easy as possible. Aareas worksheet software helps to streamline the entire suite request and allocation process. Condo developers will have a better understanding of demand and will be able to allocate suites more effectively. This helps to minimize rescissions and keep more agents satisfied.

The process is simple and convenient for agents, easy and efficient for developers.

What Is a Condo Worksheet?

A condo worksheet is a term that condo developers use for “suite request forms”. Worksheets are often completed at the launch of a high-demand condo project. Buyers or their agents will submit a worksheet with the following information to express their interest in the project.

  • Buyer’s information: name, address, phone number, ID, etc.
  • Suite preference: floor plan, floor range, view, availability of parking, etc.

The condo developer will then allocate the suites according to the buyers’ choices. Allocation is normally done on a first-come, first-served basis or with top-tier agents first.

However, submitting a condo worksheet does not automatically secure the suite or bind the buyer to the purchase.

Why Worksheet Software

The worksheet was once a printed form or a simple online form with no data validation, making collecting condo worksheets a daunting and time consuming task. When the buyer makes their choices on their own, the floor plan, floor range, view, and parking availability may be incompatible, making it impossible to assign a suite that meets all of the criteria. The buyer may also submit multiple worksheets to get the best suite possible. In this case, the condo developer could assign several suites to one buyer through separate agents. Thus, rescission is likely to occur. Worksheet software works to minimize this risk and create a much more cohesive process.

Save Time & Minimize Errors with Information Auto-fill

Condo developers used to collect handwritten worksheets and manually enter the information. Worksheet software can validate the collected data, auto-populate buyers’ information when their IDs are uploaded, and analyze data to assist suite allocation. Now, condo developers can sit back and relax while the worksheet software handles these tasks.

Always Get Accurate Information of Legit Buyers

The logic and availability are already integrated into the Worksheet Software. Once the floor plan is selected, it will only show the compatible options, such as floor range, view and parking/locker availability. Real estate developers can ensure that each worksheet is associated with a real buyer by uploading the buyer’s ID into the software.

Get the Picture of True Demand & Minimize Rescissions

An issue might arise when one buyer submits multiple worksheets through different agents, hoping to get the best suite. Developers can quickly differentiate unique opportunities and determine the real demand. This will help them better allocate the suites and convert the demands into actual sales.

Worksheet Software for Different Industries


Worksheet software allows you to collect/organize builder’s worksheet in the most convenient way. You also directly allocate the suites and notify your potential buyers from worksheet software. For more information, check out solutions for builders.

Real Estate Companies

If you work with builders who are still using worksheet system to sell their pre-construction condos, you need to check our Worksheet Software. It allows you to collect and organize suite-request worksheets. You can also allocate the suites and notify your potential buyers. For more information, check out solutions for real estate companies.

How Does It Work?

Depending on the workflows of the builders/developers, worksheet can be either submitted by the home buyer or the buyer’s agent.

Suite Request

Home buyers or their agents submit the worksheet by filling out suite choice(s) and purchaser’s information.

Email Notification

Home buyers will get an email indicating all the details of their choices; developers will be notified when a new worksheet is received.

Suite Allocation

Developers allocate suites on the back end, based on the different priorities (time the worksheet comes in, level of the agents, etc.).

Allocation Response

If the buyers received allocations, they will be notified by email. They may cancel or confirm the suite allocated for next steps.

A Stress-free Suite Allocation Process

Remember when condo developers had to spread out all of their worksheets on a table, scratching their heads and attempting to allocate suites……

Worksheet software helps condo developers get the right suites to the right buyers in the right priority.

With all of the data analyzed in the backend, condo developers can easily pick the available suite that best matches the buyer’s preferences. They can also organize the worksheet data for their workflow by using pre-defined filters. For example, developers can filter out the purchasers with multiple realtors or multiple worksheet submission. In this case, developers can figure out how many unique opportunities are there. Condo developers can choose to send notifications after each allocation or by tier of agents.

What’s Included: Core Features

Multiple Choices

Support multiple top choices, depending on the developers’ preference or workflow

Data Validation

Present only compatible options (floor range, view, parking, etc.) when floor plan is selected

Document Upload

Upload required document from computer or by scanning the QR code with phone camera

Suite Allocation

Allocate suite based on availability, from most to least compatible with the buyer’s choices

Automatic Emails

Send out the email for allocation, either one at a time or all together after finishing the allocation

Full Customization

Support customization to developers’ workflows (steps, information availabilities, etc.)