Bathroom Visualizers & Configurators

See the Dream Bath
Come to Life

Aareas Bathroom Visualizers make it simple to design, visualize, and market bathroom layouts and products in a virtual space. Users can now rapidly customize and visualize their chosen bathroom fixtures and finishes! The bathroom visualizer can be embedded on your website and helps your buyers design and build their ideal bathroom in the comfort of their home.

  • Engage potential buyers with fun and easy-to-use visualizer and increase website session time

  • Provide effective and targeted customer service and personalized buying experience

  • Represent a competitive advantage among other similar brands

  • Save time and money by letting customers experiment with customization

  • Build customer confidence with purchasing decisions

Features of Bathroom Visualizers & Configurators

Bathroom visualizers have developed from an innovative solution that highlights a company’s tech savvy and customer-centric approach to a solution with quantifiable KPIs. Product configurators help to increase website session time while allowing visitors to have fun building their dream bathroom.

Popular Bathroom Visualizer Categories


Showcase different types of bathroom cabinets, materials, finishes, cabinet doors and drawers

Bathroom Backsplash

Present different types of bathroom backsplash, such as tile, stone, wood and other materials

Bathroom Countertop

Display various bathroom countertop options that will suit your customers’ sense of taste and lifestyle


Advertise different toilet types, styles, and design options to match with buyers needs


Highlight types of bathtubs and visualize different textures and materials

Bathroom Floor

Exhibit diverse bathroom floor tile materials, colors, shapes, patterns, finishes, etc.

Bathroom Faucet

Feature gorgeous bathroom faucets that will add a bit delicate to the bathroom

Shower Package

Promote numerous shower packages to fit in with the overall look of the shower

Bathroom Sink

Show various sink types whether it’s wall-mounted, drop-in sinks or any other kinds