Virtual Scale Model

Reach Your Customers Anywhere with An Immersive Buying Experience

Reach Your Customers Anywhere with An Immersive Buying Experience

An online interactive app for presenting 3D photorealistic buildings that showcases interiors and exteriors with virtual tours, renderings, and other media

Compared to a traditional building scale model, a virtual scale model is infinitely portable, cost-effective, faster to implement and update, and it can provide home buyers with greater transparency to make an informed purchasing decision. Virtual Scale Model is perfect for pre-sale stage of the pre-construction condo projects.

Virtual Scale Model for the Real Estate Industry

Aareas Virtual Scale Model can be used, at a sales center or online, to augment or replace building scale model. It can be a stand-alone solution or a module of the online home sales solution which will transform the whole home-selling process.

Why Virtual Scale Model

Reduce cost on scale model

Physical architectural scale models are expensive to make. However, the Virtual Scale Model is inherently scalable, because it’s a digital model that can be replicated infinitely with no additional cost. So rather than limit a showcase to a single physical scale model location, multiple showcases can easily be implemented. Because virtual scale models are computer-generated, they can be modified right on the spot, making them much faster, cheaper, and easier to iterate on design.

Decrease development risk

Property purchases decisions are usually based on emotions. Emotions are fleeting, which is why so many potential buyers end up having second thoughts after seeing the property in person. Virtual Scale Model decreases development risk by helping home buyer see the building layout, amenity, inside of the property and getting a feeling future lifestyle. No more surprises for home buyers when their dream delivered, so you can land and secure the potential buyers earlier in the building process.

Close more deals

Impressive and memorable sales presentations are crucial for closing deals. With all the necessary information in hand, sales reps can do what they do the best without worrying deals fall through because of long turnaround time. Virtual Scale Model can be connected with other backend systems, so inventory information is always up to date, and architectural control rules are built in. In that case, buyers can always get what they want without disappointment.

For a very long time, architects and real estate developers have been using architectural models, commonly referred to as scale models to help visualize pre-construction buildings and communicate building layouts and amenity.

While physical architectural scale models provide good visual perspectives, they have plenty of limitations, including too delicate to move, expensive and time-consuming to make, and limited “inside” perspective.

Often, sales representatives rely on other information, such as floor plan, available unit types, to complete the sales presentation. When home buyers lay their eyes on certain suite, they usually can’t get a reply instantly on whether the suite is available for purchasing.

Virtual Scale Model for Different Industries


Aareas VSM can help your buyers discover the stunning architecture as well as the indoor and outdoor lifestyle amenity spaces. Home buyers will be provided with all the information and transparency they need. No matter what projects you have, single family or condo, virtual scale model solution is for you. For more information, check out solutions for builders.

Marketing Agencies

If you are on a mission to market your clients’ pre-construction buildings and promote certain life style, you cannot miss Virtual Scale Model solution. With Aareas Virtual Scale Model embedded on your client’s website, potential home buyers can explore the building layout and amenity from comfort of their home anytime they want. For more information, check out solutions for marketing agencies.

Real Estate Companies

A great presentation is crucial to your real estate sales. Smooth presentations usually involve providing the right information at the right time. Virtual Scale Model is more than a window to showcase the building, it’s also a search engine for potential buyer’s dream home and life style. For more information, check out solutions for real estate company.

How It Works

Explore the Community from Any Angle

Interact with the building itself or in the context of its neighborhood (3D environment).

Customize the Level of Details

Builders have the option to choose the specific level of detail they require, such as information about nearby buildings and landscapes.

See the Building at Different Times of the Day

Only display available lots on which the selected home can be constructed. All the unsuitable homes will be hided when personalizing a selected lot.

Tour the Amenities or Units

Tour the amenities or units with virtual tours, renderings, videos and any other media.

Search and Locate Favorite Units or Suites

Search for ideal units based on buyers criteria, such as the number of bedrooms, size, view, etc. Locate suitable units directly on the building.

View Real-Time Inventory and Model Types

Check inventory information in real time, and view model type with overlay on the building directly. Only those highlighted in green will be available for purchase.

Submit Worksheet or Purchase the Unit Right Away

Integrate with condo worksheet software or point of sales system, reserving or purchasing on the spot.

What’s Included: Core Features

Interactive 3D View

Explore building layouts and amenities in 3D and toggle between day and night.

Search & Filter

Search for dream home based on the buyers’ criteria. Compare several selections.

Interior Details

See inside of the unit or property through renderings and virtual tours.

Real-time Inventory

View suite availability synced through central cloud among multiple devices.

Customized Experience

Tailor the platform to meet your specific requirements and workflows.

POS Integration

Integrate with POS system for convenient purchasing after selection.

All Devices Access

Stream high-quality photorealistic 3D graphics from any devices (computer, tablet, mobile) with internet connection.

Customized Experience

Tailor the platform to meet your specific requirements and workflows

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