247 Sales Center

Proptech Platform Empowering Your Sales Center Online & Offline

Proptech Platform Empowering Your Sales Center Online & Offline

The 247SalesCenter is a Proptech Platform designed to create epic home buying experiences. It is a cloud-based hub made up of a series of builder apps designed to empower all your online and in-person digital Sales, Marketing and Design Studio experiences. It includes everything from a real-estate CRM, website CMS, to interactive marketing apps, sales apps and design studio apps. It improves operational efficiency and tightly integrates with the marketing, sales, design and construction operating units.

What is 247 Sales Center

247 Sales Center is a collection of 10+ web and mobile apps and services for real estate marketing, sales, design center, administration and more. Now, you can attract potential clients through websites, onboard new clients, conduct impressive sales presentation, access all the backend information, facilitate new home design and production, and even train your team internally all from one place.

Contact Management

Manage all types of contacts, such as leads, clients, brokers, lenders, etc., track contact activities, and automate communications

Virtual Scale Model – VSM

Show building scale model in 3D environment and peek inside of the buildings with photo-realistic renderings and virtual tours

Inventory Management

A cloud-based database that contains all the product information assisting home buyers to make an informed purchasing decision

Virtual Purchase Wizard – VPW

Automate contract generation, sign purchasing agreements and complete payment online or at sale centers

Digital Kiosk

A window to showcase amazing building projects when a perspective walks in the sales center or browsers on your website

Virtual Design Center – VDC

An award-winning home finishes visualizer/configurator that is a perfect add-on or replacement to your physical design center

Why 247 Sales Center

247 Sales Center for Different Industries


Sometimes, the buyer invested all the time, only to find out the home that they are interested in is not available. Imagine how happy your buyer will be and how many more deals you can close, if you can simply this home-buying process, have all the information available for purchasers and show exact what they will get. For more information, check out solutions for builders.

Real Estate Companies

If you operate a full service real estate office,  you need to check out our 247 Sales Center. It can help you not only smooth the whole home-selling process but also enhance your team performance, ultimately, close more deals and increase your profits. For more information, check out solutions for real estate company.

247 Sales Center in Action

Sell and Market Your Homes Online

With 247 sales center, you can relocate the real estate marketplace online, providing buyers with the convenience of making home purchasers anytime, anywhere.

Conduct Memorable Sales Center Presentations

Whether potential buyers walk into your sales center or book an appointment with you, you will be ready to win them over with an impressive presentation because you have all the information they need to make an informed purchasing decision.

Simplify the Option Selection Process

Virtual Design Center makes the whole option selection process so simple and easy. With 3D configurator, buyers can visualize and complete the design process online by themselves or with the help of professional designers. They can even see their future dream home with virtual reality equipment at a physical design center.

All Great Plans Start With A Solid Foundation

Aareas entire suite of applications for your sales center all write back to our 247 database. Your website, sales center touchscreens, and sales applications will all be synced in real-time with the latest pricing and availability information. No more duplication of work.

Hosted with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Real-time SQL mirroring and failover

Firewall and application monitoring

Nightly database backup

Real-time data mirroring

Server redundancy

Realtime IIS and server failover

Already using a system for lead collection, availability or sales?

No problem. Aareas prides itself on making life easy for you and your team. Our experts can help scope out integration points to ensure your data flows easily to the right places.