Virtual Purchase Wizard

Expand Your Marketplace Online and Allow Agents & Buyers to Purchase New Homes from Anywhere

The Virtual Purchase Wizard is the next generation sales platform that allows both traditional in-person sales and online home sales. This system gives agents and consumers the freedom and convenience to buy a new home whenever and wherever.

Virtual Purchase Wizard facilitates new home transactions online or at your sales offices.

Bring the Shopping Cart Experience to the Real Estate Industry

Why Virtual Purchase Wizard

Administrative Tasks Automation

Aside from providing the convenience to home buyers, Virtual Purchase Wizard helps home builders and developers automate various repeated tasks, such as document collection and organization, agreement drafting and signing, and so on.

Seamless & Guided Buying Experience

Virtual Purchase Wizard is so simple to use that even first-time users can easily finalize the purchase online by following the instructions. Buyers can always contact a live agent if they need any assistance.

Fully Customizable Workflow

Virtual Purchase Wizard is configurable to fit into builders’ and developers workflows. For example,  they may wish to factor in multiple deposit structures or have the buyers finalize the purchase with internal agents.

Digitalize Document Collection

By scanning QR codes with phone cameras, home buyers or agents can upload government-issued photo ID and deposit cheques. The document images will be automatically resized to fit the available screen space, ensuring that the key information is captured as clearly as possible.

Prevent Data Entry Mistakes & Errors

With the capture of the image of a driver’s license (the most widely used photo ID), Virtual Purchase Wizard will auto-populate purchaser’s information, including full name, date of birth, ID number, expiration date, and so on.

Virtual Purchase Wizard for Different Industries


Virtual Purchase Wizard allows you to provide home buyers with the complete online shopping experience, from searching, pricing to purchasing their dream home. For more information, check out solutions for builders.

Real Estate Companies

After home buyers find their dream unit in your pre-construction development, they can simply click the “buy now” button to fill out their information, upload required documents, even complete payment and sign the agreement to finalize their purchase. For more information, check out solutions for real estate companies.

How It Works

Price & Review the Selected Property
Price & Review the Selected Property
Price & Review the Selected Property

Price & Review the Selected Property

Review detailed information (floor plan, unite number, premium, etc.) of the property selected; price out extra choices, such as locker and parking.

Pay Reservation Fee & Deposits

Pay directly online with various methods, such as entering credit card information, uploading cheques by scanning through your phone camera, wire transfer and so on.

simple options selection process
simple options selection process
simple options selection process
Price & Review the Selected Property
Price & Review the Selected Property
Price & Review the Selected Property

DocuSign the Agreement of Purchase and Sale

Sign the DocuSign agreement created from the contract template and all of the information captured from the previous steps, such as property, purchasers, deposit cheques, etc.

What’s Included: Core Features

Countdown Timer

Show remaining time for home buyers to complete the purchase while the inventory is on hold

Information Auto-fill

Auto-populate information after capturing the image of valid ID (driver’s license only)

Document Upload

Scan QR code with phone camera to easily upload required documents (photo ID, cheques, etc.)

Deposit Structures

Repost and track outstanding, deposited, and anticipated purchaser deposits

Agreement Generation

Create agreements automatically from a template with all the information provided

DocuSign Integration

Integrate with DocuSign to sign the documents digitally and keep the records for both parties

Mortgage Calculator

Support customizable mortgage calculator for interest rates, taxes, etc.

Purchase Reports

Generate reports of each home buyer’s purchasing information

Order Notification

Send a notification automatically when there’s a new purchase or a change to the purchase