Virtual Design Center Virtual Reality

Experience the Design From Within and Provoke a Visceral Engagement

VDC Virtual reality provides the same functionality as VDC Play, Pro or Packages, except it allows the user to immerse themselves in a Virtual Reality (VR) environment, making the experience feel as real as possible. Customers can experience the next generation of technology with a VR headset which allows them to virtually navigate and design interior and exterior spaces with the touch control.

Experiencing is Believing

Virtual reality design is more than just an industry catchphrase or an all-encompassing technical reference – it is an effective, cost-reducing sales and marketing tool that is poised to become the foundation for successful new home and condo sales/design.

Virtual Reality in Real Estate

The Future of Home Building, Shopping and Design

Virtual reality for real estate is revolutionizing how buyers shop for new homes. Virtual tour and virtual staging can benefit both potential buyers and builders. Potential buyers save more time and travel expenses visiting properties. Builders not only eliminate the cost on building model homes, expose to more potential buyers, but also reduce cost and increase efficiency on design center.

Get More Content with Virtual Reality

After the creation of just one model home in VR, you can benefit from the development of many other content types into your web advertisements and social media. Such as:

Features & Hardware

Utilize 360° virtual worlds, augmented or mixed reality software available on a number of hardware options, to help your clients build and redesign the spaces of their dream home.

Oculus Rift VR set

Oculus Rift

Interior & Exterior Virtual Reality Experiences

Radically redesign the way you showcase your project’s interiors and exteriors with completely immersive VR spaces. At Aareas, we specialize in Advanced Display Technology, creating ultra-realistic environments with customizable features that enable purchasers to virtually select from an array of cabinet and backsplash colours, materials and much more.

  • Headset

  • Motion-Tracked Hand Held Controllers

  • 360° Views

  • Wireless Connection

Microsoft HoloLens vr set

Microsoft HoloLens

Mixed Reality Platform

This mixed reality platform provides the highest quality of technologically advanced home customization holograms and virtual reality. Interact with holograms in the real world as HoloLens allows users to see, hear and interact with our specialty built environments.

  • Headset

  • Mixed Reality

  • AR

  • Room Scale

  • 360° Views

  • Customizable Holograms

  • VR

HTC Vive

VR Walkthrough Packages

With the use of “Room Scale” tracking technology, homebuilders, developers and designers can immerse clients into 3D spaces by using motion -tracked handheld controllers for complete space engagement. By selecting our VR Walkthrough Package, sales offices and design centres transform into another place, from a kitchen, to a bathroom, to living and dining spaces.

  • Headset

  • Motion-Tracked Hand Held Controllers
  • Room Scale

  • 360° Views

  • VR

What’s Included: Core Features

Immersive 3D Environment

Explore and interact with different new home design options in the truly 3D environment


Show the selected options in really time and see how it fits in with the overall new home design and style

Touch Controls

Move around and visualize designs with simple and easy-to-use hand-held controls

Multiple Scenes

Feature specific interior (kitchen, bathroom, etc.) and exterior scenes of a property to home buyers

All Devices Access

Stream high-quality renderings from any devices (computer, tablet, mobile, etc.) with internet connection

Zoom in to details

Check details of a scene with the zoom-in feature from any angles without losing any quality

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