Flooring Visualizers & Configurators

See the Look of New Flooring Instantly

New flooring can make a huge difference in any room, but the difference can be good or bad. This uncertainty will increase customer friction. What if potential customer can see exactly how the new flooring will look before they click the “Buy Now” button? Customers will be much more satisfied with the purchases.

  • Advertise new products even before manufacturing

  • Showcase all the product options with accurate illustrations of textures and styles

  • Generate multi-media marketing materials, including renderings, videos, etc.

Features of Flooring Visualizer & Configurators

Flooring visualizers and configurators allow customers to view products in real-world-like settings. This powerful tool helps flooring manufacturers streamline their marketing and sales of thousands of materials and ultimately simplifies the selection process for home buyers.

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Popular Flooring Visualizer Categories

Hardwood/Vinyl Floorings

Present different flooring materials such as hardwood, vinyl, laminate, etc.

Tile Floorings

Feature tiles flooring collections of ceramic tile, porcelain tile, subway tile, mosaic tile, etc.