Virtual Model Home Service

Transform the Floor Plan into a Buyer’s Dream Home

Today builders are calling upon all resources to best show off their residential projects. A model home or show house is often viewed as the best way to raise the customer’s comfort level and create a sense of ownership. The downsides to physical model homes are that they are very expensive and time-consuming to build and take up a lot of space. Virtual Staging is a perfect cost-effective alternative to your physical model home.

Home Staging Made Easier

A model home or show house is built with the sole purpose of demonstrating to potential home buyers how a builder’s house will look, feel, flow and function.

Virtual home staging or product staging is a modernized version of home staging for builders, developers, designers and real estate agents, that is significantly quicker and cheaper than traditional staging processes.

Our virtual home staging services incorporate everything from video to interior renderings, interactive tours, virtual reality and more. Serving new home and condo developers tools to assist their presells and create an extraordinary purchasing experience.

Why Virtual Model Home

(compared to traditional model home)

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Interactive Walkthroughs Available Through Any Device

Put down the hardhats and boots, and speed up the process of staging a model home up to 5x faster. Inspire buyers with ideal home and product design, and bring upgrades to life.

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