What Is CondoNow?

CondoNow Makes Shopping For A New Condo Fast And Easy

  • Search for a condo by price, location, occupancy date, amenities and much more, using an easy-to-use, map-based search engine

  • Exclusive access to latest information in condo marketplace

  • Access to free, up-to-date, unbiased info to make the best possible buying decisions

  • Instant alerts for projects of interest, deals and promotions

  • New condo Buyers & Investors can contact Developers directly or work through an Agent

  • Agents can sell more and research less with access to their own portal at Agent.CondoNow.com

Many Resourceful Features

Easily Search, Find, And Compare Condos

CondoNow is the newest offering from Aareas Interactive. Launched in 2012, CondoNow offers an easy, convenient and centralized online resource where Buyers, Investors, and Agents can get all of the required information on new condos to make informed buying decisions.


Browse through the latest condo project features, upcoming projects, special promotions, VIP sales, move-in-ready condos, and the newest condos on the market.


Search more than 500 condo projects, 5,000 floor plans and 200 developers in Toronto & the GTA.


Select and compare condo projects of your interest side by side, compare all relevant specs and details of each condo.

Find An Expert

CondoNow gives you all required contact information to any condo project, you may contact the sales centre, or we can provide you with a realtor expert.

New to CondoNow

The New Learn Section of CondoNow is Live With All The Latest Info For New Home Buyers, Sales Persons, and Investors

Who Uses CondoNow?

CondoNow Is For Everyone

Buyers And Investors

Real Estate Agents

  • Secure leads! CondoNow allows Agents to set up profiles and be listed its Agent-search for home-buyers and investors.
  • Share your favouritenew condo projects on your website or by social media and you’ll be featured as a “Project Expert” for those projects. The more you share, the more free leads you’ll receive!
  • Fits your mobile lifestyle: Buy all your real estate–submit and approve worksheets–on the road; no office required.
  • Not being featured as a “Project Expert” on your favourite project? Want to ensure you are listed and receive leads? CondoNow offers affordable advertising packages to Agents. Contact us as info@CondoNow.com for more info.
  • Access to Agent-specific info for all new condo projects: commissions, incentives & promotions.
  • Find the right suite for your buyer at the right time with intuitive search and comparison tools.
  • Flexibility to submit your worksheets and price requests on your own schedule–no longer constrained by sales centres’ hours.


  • Cut through the email noise and launch your new condominium projects and promotions on the real estate Agent research platform.
  • Expand your distribution channel to all Real Estate Agents, including Agents currently not actively selling New Condos.
  • Increase project exposure by accessing a network of thousands of Real Estate Agents.
  • Market remaining, remnant condo inventory to thousands of Real Estate Agents.
  • Agents search for remnant inventory in much the same way as they do with the MLS, broadening the potential market for buyers of new condos who today may not otherwise have access to or consider new condo properties.
  • Agents can easily browse your new condo promotions, including those specifically geared towards the Agent.
  • Get the highest quality leads: Real Estate Agents. We don’t provide you with leads from “tire-kickers” and “real estate enthusiasts”.
  • Leads can be sent to the condo projects‘ sales team and they maintain full control over the sales process.
  • CondoNow is a powerful tool to gauge the response of the real estate Agent community pre-launch. Use detailed traffic data from Agents to time new condo project launches, special events & promotions.