Product Visualizers & Configurators

Win Customers for Life by Showing the Products Finer Details and Options

Our product configuration platform can easily configure the most complex designs and products. Product VDC is perfect for the business of producing custom or configurable products. It can help you showcase your whole portfolio and all the customizable options.

What is a Product Configurator?

A product configurator (or visualizer) assists product manufacturers in showcasing options of products.

Aareas product visualizers and configurators aid buyers in the entire process from selection, configuration, specification to purchase.

Interactive design, rules and logic intelligently guide users through the building process while 3D visualization technologies show customers what they’ve created in real-time as each option is selected. Our product configurator automates quote creation process, speeds up the quote timeline and gets the item into production sooner.

The product configuration platform:

  • Provides personalized shopping and design experiences for customers

  • Helps product manufacturers and designers stand out from the competition

  • Increases the chance that customers will be satisfied with their purchase

  • Saves time and money with mass customization

  • Increases website engagement and session time for SEO

Why Product Configurator?

Close the Online-Offline Gap and
Offer Engaging Experiences

Product Customization

Show different textures, colors, and finishes, without having to produce and photograph every single product variation. 3D product visualization is especially important for brands that have a wide product portfolio with lots of variations.

customize kitchen countertop
customize kitchen countertop
customize kitchen countertop
engaging product page
engaging product page
engaging product page

Engaging Product Page Experience

Grab visitors’ attentions and maintain your web presence, as the website is the first touchpoint with your brand. Product aesthetics and details have a major influence on the buyer’s purchasing decision.

Room Scenes

Combine elements to create an in-context photo-realistic rendering and help you convey a certain quality, tone, or mood to influence the buyer’s perception of your product.

product presented in a room scene
product presented in a room scene
product presented in a room scene
digitalized product for shopping list
digitalized product for shopping list
digitalized product for shopping list

Assets for the Retailer Network

Leverage the assets and distribute them across your retailer network to help them sell more products. Digital-native shoppers expect a seamless omnichannel shopping experience.

Interactive Product Configurator for Tradeshows

Expend limited showroom space and create an endless aisle experience to showcase all of your products during the trade shows.

interactive design for kitchen
interactive design for kitchen
interactive design for kitchen

Types of Product

Configurators and Visualizers

Aareas offers several types of product configurations to help various product manufacturers, builders, developers and designers market their products online.

Kitchen Visualizer

With 3D interactive interface, customers can easily visualize how cabinets, paint colors, backsplash, countertops and other design elements will come together in a finished space.

Bathroom Visualizer

Aareas bathroom visualizer helps your prospective buyers envision their dream bath, visualizing mirror, sink, backsplash, wall tile and floor tile options in a modern virtual bathroom setting.

Flooring Visualizer

Aareas flooring visualization tool can be used for various products, such as hardwood, laminate, tiles, and carpet, allowing customers to see flooring options for any room.

Living Room Visualizer

Aareas living room visualizer and configurator help potential customers visualize the perfect living room with different product options for paint, flooring, furniture and more.

Exterior Visualizer

Our exterior visualizer and configure software tools help potential buyers visualize the exterior of a virtual model home with different colors, roof, siding, materials, windows, shingles, shutters, trim, etc.

Interior Visualizer

Our interior visualizer and configurator software tools allow customers to visualize different products options, such as paint color, flooring, furniture and appliances for any rooms.

What’s Included: Core Features

Immersive 3D Environment

Explore and interact with different product options in the truly 3D environment

Real-time Visualization

Show the product options selected in really time and see how it fits in room scenes

Quotation Automation

Calculate total costs for the products selected and create quote automatically

All Devices Access

Stream high-quality renderings from any devices (computer, tablet, mobile, etc.)

Zoom in to details

Check details of a product with zoom-in feature from any angles without losing any quality


Integrate with CRM and POS so your customer can purchase the product right away online