Virtual Design Center Play

A fun tool for buyers to explore and configure their dream home

VDC Play is an online 3D room visualizer and designer that enables home buyers full control as they interactively make home design changes in a photorealistic 3D environment. VDC play can be embedded in the website to engage potential home buyers and make them fall in love with what they create.

Design, Play, Visualize

Online room visualizers and designers add value to your websites and marketing campaigns through online personalization.

Create a Desirable Product and Drive Sales with Virtual Room 3D Visualizers

“86% of consumers say personalization plays a role in their purchasing decisions.”- Infosys

Designed to WOW Your Buyers

Acting as a multi-channel online virtual room visualizer, VDC Play removes any ambiguity standing between buyers and their vision of dream home, helping to sell more custom home and upgrades and create happier customers.

Visualize Homes
in 2D & 3D

Potential home buyers explore a full 2D or 3D environment that works on any modern device, to help better visualize a dream space.

Make Custom Design Changes Online

Home buyers design anywhere, anytime without having to meet with a design consultant or visit a design studio location.

Save & Share
Personalized Selections

After selections have been made, purchasers can save their favorite designs and share them by email or on social media.

Track Reports & Buyer Analytics

When buyers save their selections, builders, marketing managers and design sales managers can track and review important reports and analytics.

Communicate Your Product Effectively and Lessen Any Uncertainties

“As more than 87% of buyers found online photos very useful, visualization is considered as the most valuable website feature when purchasing a new home.”- NAR

What’s Included: Core Features

Immersive 3D Environment

Explore and interact with different new home design options in the truly 3D environment


Show the selected options in really time and see how it fits in with the overall new home design and style


Auto save previous home design, continue the home options selection where you left off

Selections Sharing

Share selections via social media or email to get a second opinion or use the design as marketing materials

Product Details

Track and list selection details, print selections and product descriptions as needed

All Devices Access

Stream high-quality renderings from any devices (computer, tablet, mobile, etc.) with internet connection

Multiple Scenes

Feature specific interior (kitchen, bathroom, etc.) and exterior scenes of a property to home buyers

Zoom in to details

Check details of a scene with zoom-in feature from any angles without losing any quality

Content Creation

Generate unlimited free on-demand renderings up to 2560×1440 resolution

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