“A customer wants to see what a home could look like. With our solutions, they can really see and experience that home,” explains Aareas Interactive President Frank Guido. “They can change their colors and select their options, switch the cabinets from oak to maple, try out different counter tops, swap out the exteriors of the home.”


If it sounds like a custom builder’s dream, that’s because it is. And that’s not just theoretical talk, either. With over 23 years in the business, Aareas Interactive boasts some of the largest builders in the nation in their extensive client base. While the success components is always nice, what really makes the group stand out is their passion for improving the buyer experience.


“We’re all about revolutionizing the home buying experience – making it really easy for the consumers to search and find and buy the right home,” continues Guido. “It’s allabout the best customer experience possible.”


Guido believes that the future of the industry will be driven by leveraging technology to achieve just that. To this end, his organization works with builders to develop out mobile applications, websites, kiosks, and more. The goal? A seamless experience for the consumer.


“It’s about getting connected. Home buying is still a very painful process for most consumers; they feel like they’re in the dark,” Guido states emphatically. “What we do is connect the dots. They can learn about and explore your homes online, come into the office, and interact with a sales team armed to continue that experience. It’s this sort of thing – making it easier for people to buy homes – where the home building industry has the most room for improvement.”


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Originally posted by New Home Star: http://www.newhomestar.com/press.php?id=213