Foreign buyers are an integral part of the condo market in Toronto. It is difficult to determine the exact percentage of foreign bought pre-construction condos. Many condos today are purchased through companies, or through a nominee acting as a pass-through entity for outside investors.

People who make the decision to buy, and provide capital, may not be local to Toronto. A large percentage of Capital comes from foreign investment into our city comes from countries like China, America, India, Russia, and the UAE.

Foreign investors see Canada & specifically Toronto, as a generic ‘safe place’ to place capital; As such, it is difficult to differentiate your specific project and grab the attention of foreign buyers. At Aareas we have helped condo developers elevate their online experiences, which are available to any prospect, worldwide.

Our Interactive Virtual Assets allow foreign buyers to have the physical sales center experience, even when they are not there. This experience gives them the confidence to invest. Our Online Virtual Scale model of the building is even better than an in-person scale model as it can display unit locations & availability.

The Virtual Scale Model (VSM) is fully interactive, investors can see a 360 view of the building and surrounding community. They explore amenities via virtual tour and can review unit location and inventory. Having these assets, as a builder, gives you a competitive advantage in a very competitive space.

A smooth & easy buying experience removes barriers to getting deals done. Our online sales platform is the only effective purchasing solution for foreign investors which can save a builder commission. Our easy-to-use online purchasing platform can be integrated into our VSM or into your existing website, to meet the business requirements & sales and marketing strategy.

The platform takes credit card deposits, scans cheques, scans I.D. and prepares the Agreement of Purchase and Sales (APS) without any errors or difficulties. This can be completed with a sales team, outside broker, or by the buyer.

Feel free to reach out to the team at Aareas Interactive for advice on your next project, and if selling online is the right fit for you.

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