After a thorough deliberation in the judging process, the 2021 Vega Digital Awards had its curtain call when they announced the list of winners. Out of 1,392 entries, Aareas has taken the Canopus and the Centauri Awards for Real Estate Mobile Apps & Sites category.

About the awards

Vega Digital Awards recognize and celebrate excellence in websites, videos, mobile, social, animation, marketing, and podcasts across local and international.

As many as 26 jurors were involved in the judging process, all of whom hail from 13 countries. These individuals are known professionals belonging to leading companies from the creative and digital industries. Every single entry is evaluated using relevant industry standards. To ensure impartiality, blind judging is exercised, and jurors are only able to assess each entry purely on its own merits.

There are THREE (3) levels of achievement in the competition:

  • CANOPUS : First Place (85-100 points)
  • CENTAURI : Second Place (70-84 points)
  • ARCTURUS : Third Place (50-69 points)

Recent Posts


Learn more about Virtual Scale Model (Canopus Winner)

Virtual Scale Model (VSM) is an interactive app that presents a photorealistic 3D building in its neighborhood setting. Compared to traditional table scale model, it is a more cost-effective alternative which can be replicated infinitely with no additional cost.

Users could explore the building from any angle toggling between day and night, locate any unit by searching or clicking on the building directly, view floor plans, and “peek inside” of the unit or amenities with renderings and virtual tours generated directly from the app. Virtual Scale Model decreases development risk by helping home buyer see the building inside and out, and get a feeling of future lifestyle. No more surprises for home buyers when their dream delivered, so builders can land and secure the potential buyers earlier in the building process.

VSM also maintains unit availability and pricing information in real time, connecting with other backend systems. With all the necessary information in hand, home buyers are provided with greater transparency, and sales reps can do what they do the best without worrying deals fall through because of long turnaround time.

Virtual Scale Model Demo Video

Learn more about VDC Play (Centauri Winner)

Virtual Design Center Play is an online home visualizer and configurator that demonstrates to potential buyers exactly what their future home may look like.

Buyers could “play the designer” to personalize and visualize their future home interiors for multiple room scenes, as well as home exteriors. They will see the design changes in real time, as options are selected.

Different from other visualizers on the market, VDC play uses truly 3D environment instead of static rendered images of each option. Users can move around to see the design from any angle and zoom in to check details at their will.

For more details, please visit Virtual Design Center page.

Virtual Design Center Demo Video