Not everyone can “see” images in their minds…

According to verywell mind, an estimated 1–3% of the population lacks the ability to visualize. This creates difficulties when a customer is trying to visualize their future home finishes in their head, because they simply cannot. As a builder looking to create an epic home buying experience, the use of a visualizer software is crucial.

In this article, we will discuss the top 5 benefits that builders may get from using a home visualizer software, as well as when to invest in a home visualization solution for better customer experience. Although a home visualizer may be used for a variety of purposes, such as selecting finishes and engaging buyers, this article will focus on the use of home builder visualizer software for pre-sales.

What is a home builder visualizer software and why does it matter?

You may be wondering what exactly a home builder visualizer software is and how it is relevant to you. It is necessary to briefly explain what home builder visualizer software is, so that we don’t confuse it with home design software.

Home builder visualizer software can be utilized both for potential buyer engagement (pre-sale) or in the home option selection process (post-sale). Online or at décor center, staff can show home buyers finish options in a room scene. Home builders can also grant buyers access so they can make the selections on their own.

Architects and designers use home design software to communicate design concepts and visualize the project for approval by stakeholders. Homeowners can also use a simple home design software for DIY renovation projects.

Reason #1: It helps home buyers understand the product (new home) better.

Décor centers rely heavily on samples to help buyers visualize new home finishes, as it is nice to see and touch the actual material. However, because all the samples are in pieces, buyers can’t really see how everything looks together or if the finish suits their overall style and taste.

A home builder visualizer software will show finish options in a room scene context. Some visualizer software displays the finishes by altering the static room renderings of each option. Aareas Virtual Design Center uses photorealistic graphics in a true 3D environment. In other words, purchasers may view the space from any angle and zoom in and out to inspect details. The realistic presentation (textures, materials, colour, and so on) of all the options minimizes the gap between their dream and their reality.

Reason #2: It improves customer engagement online.

The average design appointment might last anywhere from 4 to 8 hours. Buyers may feel frustrated, since they have to go through numerous options and make countless decisions in a single session.

What if you could shift the process online? What if buyers could take their time choosing and making decisions? What if the process was more like a game, one that is fun and engaging rather than frustrating? Now for the good news. The majority of home builder visualizer software can be embedded on a website, making it an interactive tool for increasing website session time and customer online engagement.

Reason #3: It is the perfect tool to generate more qualified leads.

Home builder visualizer software is more than a tool only for selecting finishes after purchasing a new home. You can also use it to engage potential customers and even generate new leads.

After designing their dream home using the visualizer software, potential buyers have the options to share the design, export all of their selections, and even contact sales for the next step. With these available options, the buyers are more engaged and are more likely to have a better overall experience.

Reason #4: It gathers buyer insights for home finish preferences.

The home builder visualizer software will collect selections data anonymously as potential buyers play with the tool.

This data serves as the foundation for learning more about your buyers’ preferences. You can use the insights to stage your model home in the most popular styles, which may help buyers fall in love with the home and eventually make a purchasing decision.

Reason #5: It helps to expand market reach through social media.

People want to share things that they enjoy and believe in. People also share because they like having others comment on their work.

After interacting with the visualizer to design their dream home, potential home buyers can share their designs through social media, email or direct link.

Using the psychology of sharing, home builders may enlist potential buyers’ help in spreading the word and expanding market reach to buyers’ social circles.

Things to consider before investing in a home builder visualizer software

Your own needs and situation. Define your objectives and fundamental requirements. How many homes you build each year? If the number is little, the visualization software may not be a cost-effective solution for your current situation. You should also consider your buyers’ preferences and habits. Are they willing to use software or prefer the old-fashioned way?

The cost of the software. What is the initial investment? What about the monthly maintenance fee? How many options do you offer? If there are many, the initial setup cost might be significant. You want to properly define the scope of the project to minimize the risk for the first attempt.

Vendor supports, including training. You want the internal team to move to the new technology solution as smoothly as possible. Is the software scalable to support the growth of your business? Maybe you can test the solution with a minimal implementation to start.

Your exit strategy. In the worst-case scenario, the software or the vendor didn’t work out. Can you exit sort of painlessly? Can you export all the data accumulated and maybe use it in your next visualizer?


Home builder visualization software offers several benefits, including improving customer satisfaction by making the selection process fun, convenient and flexible. Sure, there may be a huge investment and a learning curving upfront. However, visualization software will save you money and increase team productivity in the long run.

If you are looking for a visualization software, check out our Virtual Design Center or contact us to learn more.

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