Aareas Interactive Inc. (Aareas) invites you to join us to see the next generation of the home-buying customer experience. Visit booth W5083, January 10th in Orlando Florida (Orange County Convention Center) at the 2017 International Builders Show (IBS). The Aareas Team will unveil their most impressive sales and marketing tools to date, specifically those designed to enhance the buying experience and elevate a builder’s brand value.

If you are interested in attending IBS, you may sign up for free passes here: http://www.buildersshow.com/aareasinteractive/.

“We are excited to unveil the next generation of our integrated customer experience solutions to IBS this year,” says Frank Guido, President and CEO, Aareas Interactive Inc. “We have been working on something very special. It will show builders and developers how they can integrate every part of their sales process into engaging software solutions that strike an emotional response in the buyer”.

Aareas has always concentrated on building the best sales and marketing tools to help streamline the real estate sales process. This year, Frank and his team are showing off the second generation of their fully integrated sales solution. It ties responsive WordPress-based sites, engaging 3D gaming technology and an easy-to-use iPad-based sales process into one workflow. All parts are tied to a singular backend with access to real-time pricing and availability to ensure stakeholders, sales teams and the buyer are all provided with the best and most up-to-date information from anywhere at any time.

“If you cannot make it to IBS this year, we encourage you to schedule a demo. It’s really something you need to see to understand the full magnitude,” says Jake Steinman, Director of Sales, Aareas. “This is the future of selling real estate, and we’re more than happy to be leading the industry with new and innovative solutions that concentrate on creating the best possible customer experience”.


To book a demo of Aareas’ products and services and see what’s in store for the future of real estate sales, contact Jake Steinman at:
416-661-2244 x289