With many sales centres closing during lockdowns, many condo developers are currently shifting their sales process to an online form.

Many elements of a tried-and-true sales centre can carry across to a website. In this article, we’ll cover a few different ways that residential real estate developers are enhancing the online experience by incorporating these traditional sales centre elements, online.

Online Virtual Community Scale Model 

Scale Models of the tower(s), community or master plan tend to be the centrepiece of any real estate sales centre.

We create online Virtual 3D Models. We digitally design the buildings, homes and community exactly to the development specs in an interactive application. The app is hosted and can be accessed from any device, anywhere on the planet. It can be exposed publicly or can be restricted to specific buyers or broker groups.

Enhancing on the limited capabilities of scale models, our platform can show the real-time inventory of units or lots, show the views from balconies, windows, or key areas of the community, and even animate moving cars and people into the community to bring it to life.

All these features can be tailored for the viewer depending on their status (public vs broker) and by time frame (new launch vs inventory project). Making this a highly flexible sales and marketing tool.

Online 3d Virtual Model Home / Suite Tour

The Hottest thing in resale real estate is Matterport tours. So how do you deliver a similar experience for new homes? With Aareas.

Touring model suites or vignettes are an integral part of the buyer journey. Tours are critical and must not be skipped when adapting to the sales & marketing process online. For a fraction of the cost of building a model suite, or vignette, we can deliver ‘Matterport style’ 3D online tours, of homes that have never been built.

Virtual tours are powerful lead generation tools, a study concluded that homes posted on an MLS with virtual tours received 200% more inquiries compared to those without.

Feel free to try one of our 360 Tours here!

Online Deal Workflow

Taking a buyer from marketing to a sale is an integral part of the Aareas platform.

Builders implement different sales strategies, from allocations to worksheets, reservations to direct deals.

Our online platform incorporates all of these and can be utilized however necessary to satisfy the launch strategy of the client.

All these elements of a sales centre are vital to the buyer’s decision-making process. Carrying these vital features over from the sales centre to your website is very beneficial for retaining that same buyer’s journey in these new circumstances.

If you’re curious about which elements you should carry over to online from your sales centre for your next project, feel free to reach out to the team at Aareas for advice.

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