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Aareas Interactive is a PropTech company that focuses on creating epic home-buying experiences. Our platform allows people to shop, purchase, and make selections using photorealistic virtual homes, communities, and virtual design centers, online or in person. Celebrating 32+ years.

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    Online Home Sales is Now

    Online Home Sales is the Future

    Buyers are looking for a more immersive home-buying experience. Digital Online Design Studios are becoming more of an expectation from homebuyers because of the availability of visualization tools in other industries. This year, we think our Virtual Scale Model and Virtual Design Center Pro will steal the show.

    NAHB The Nationals Award Winner

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    Our solutions have helped clients across North America sell billions of dollars in real estate while saving hundreds of millions in construction, sales and marketing costs.

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    “Aareas VDC Pro has completely revolutionized how we conduct design appointments in our business, elevating and distinguishing the experience over our competitors. It is the keystone and an integral part of our customer service strategy ensuring that our business can meet and exceed the needs and expectations of our customers in a rapidly changing retail and customer service industry.”

    Jim Stoops, Tridel

    “Over the years Aareas has played a major role in revolutionizing how we pre-sale homes. Prior to 1994 we relied largely on physical suites – but since that time we have used100% virutal suites. The elimination of physical suites has saved us on average $250,000 per sales centre and ultimately reduced sales centre construction costs substantially. Additionally, we benefited from smaller sales centres which allows us to strategically position our sales centres on prime real estate and off-site locations.”


    “Based on our current sales rate, we know for a fact that customers are abe to understand the product they are buying and are willing to enter a contract with us without ever touring a model home. At the outset, our enitre team was a bit hesitant about the investment such a project requires. Up to this point it’s easy to say that the step of faith was onevery worthy of taking. In the month of February, we outsold the other “established” lines in Centennial that use fuly merchandised models
    almost 3 to1.”

    The Estridge Companies

    “We have thoroughly enjoyed working together with Aareas on our most recent projects. Aareas has always worked towards our deadlines with enthusiasm and commitment to providing us with the highest quality product possible. I this crazy business Aareas has brought a certain levity to the table which has been appreciated.”


    “The previous success of your company and your professionalism throughout the process convinces us that we should take the plunge.”

    Mary Boorman, Pinnacle Vice President Sales & Marketing

    “The virtual reality presentation is a very impressive sales tool and is invaluable when it comes to closing the deal.”

    William Harkins, President Bay Communities

    “In our particular industry we do an awful lot of presale, and we do it without model suites. Aareas has really helped us in terms of how we market our product.”

    Jim Ritchie, Tridel

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    Awards & Recognition

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