A World Class Online Design Studio

Are you looking for a new way to sell your design studio options at higher prices?  What sets aside VDC Pro from your traditional design studio, is that it is a fantastic online home designer, that streamlines your entire selections process, product pricing, and purchase decisions in an interactive 3D environment.

With VDC Pro you can:

With VDC Pro you can quickly demonstrate the entirety of your products and their value online. This interactive and customizable process implements useful tools and supports to your buyers when design consultants are unavailable. Making choosing home upgrades simpler, convenient, and quicker than ever.

  • Build your dream space online

  • Explore upgrade pricing

  • Make online purchases and work orders

  • Track all selections before, during and post-purchase

Create Smarter Design Studios

At Aareas we are improving design studio processes with innovative technology that is saving builders money, growing their sales, and creating an amazing home buying experience. The ultimate goal of this process is to better influence customer experiences and present buyers with choice and control, while removing the ambiguity standing between them and their vision of their dream home.

Traditional Design Studios

  • Expensive

  • Capital Intensive

  • Inefficient

  • Time-consuming



  • Cheaper and faster than building large and expensive design studios

  • Manage hundreds of design appointments online

  • Limit any additional staffing

  • Reduce human errors and mistakes

How can you better influence your buyers
and sell more upgrades?

As a builder, developer, designer, or sales agent your initial goal should be to better influence your customer’s ultimate perception of value. Nevertheless, one of the most irritating parts of this process is being able to communicate and streamline your product selections accurately. Luckily for you, VDC Pro will help you do just that and more.

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