VDC Virtual Reality

Experiencing is Believing

Create fully customizable 3D immersive environments for real estate in Virtual Reality (VR).

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Create an Epic Design Selection Experience

Available on any device, buyers can choose also to personalize their dream home in VR. The interface was built to allow buyers to design and visualize their home, from thousands of colors and finishes in real-time in a simple and easy to understand interface, from the convenience of their own home or in the décor center.


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Learn More About Our Award-Winning Online Home Configurators and Visualizers

Available for any room throughout a home, Aareas VDC home configurator technology has turned heads throughout the industry! Recgonzied multiple times for its award-winning solutions in real estate sales and marketing by reinventing the finishes & upgrades journey.

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Elevate Your Design Processes

After the creation of just one model home in VR, you can benefit from the development of many other content types into your web advertisements and social media. Such as:

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